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Self Initiated
A friend built a space to display art outside her workshop for people to enjoy before entering her place and I participated with some of my prints too. I needed also some kind of business cards as well to leave around for anybody interested in my stuff. Below here are some enlightening sketches.
I wondered around the house looking for small things the size of a business card.
Illustrating them with a hyperrealistic style, I wanted to give status to a pen cap, a plaster or a sigarette butt. I pictured them to be the inadverted but glamourous protagonists of a surreal situation, just like using a sock as book mark for lack of better means in the toilet but mostly because you can’t get bothered to go fetch the proper thing.
If you partially hide an image or text, the brain is drawn to it in an effort to fill in the blanks; inspired so by this scientifical and empirical notion I wanted my cards to be like a personal note over which somebody distractedly dropped a line of Aquafresh or a rusty bolt rolled on. 

After all things like these happen all the time. It’s even kind of graceful to discover a fusilli at the bottom of your coffee, plus when the planets collides, random incidents become inspiring serendipity.

book review 2017

editorial illustration

the patient who changed my life

editorial illustration

Le motif

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Textile patterns

pattern design


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fisika spring boxes

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fuel for life magazine

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illustration, editorial


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