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#Followmeto Not

Illustration for the review of the new book by Jannah Loontjens: I wanted to make a reference to the #followmeto photography project (at least as a meme we’ve all seen it?): a manicured girlfriend (we usually see her from the back) takes by the hand her partner to mind blowing sightseeing around the world. Only, Loontjens and her partner are real people and things don’t turn out to be so glamorous; here’s a quote from the book (translated):


‘She writes on a terrace in the medieval town of Bettona: “The sky above the yellow walls is bright blue. We should be happy.”’ How frustrating to not be happy when we could be.


Loontjens, a philosopher herself, in the book is following through the Italian countryside the steps of her heroine writer Frida Vogels, but through the trip she ruminates and questions her relationship. Perhaps its no one’s fault, some journeys we can only take alone.


De Volkskrant